Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Is SOOO On!

Spring break is here!!!!!! I don't know what to expect though. Will I get some sleep in? I’ll probably try, but no matter how much I'd love to get some shut-eye during the day sometimes, for just an hour, sleep manages to elude me. I just can’t get my brain to slow down enough.

I think it's going to be like every other holiday- I'll enjoy at least one or maybe even two days of it and then I'll go crazy without the constant bustle of school and preparation for the next big project. The worst part of it all is breaks are when I actually get time to THINK- and that's scary, really, really scary! :)

To Do:
-Finish embroidering border on my dress
-Plan a Spring theme for school
-Plan a Social Studies Unit (if I'm really ambitious)
-Sew Human Rights Quilt for school

Now I just need encouragement to get all that done. I’m sure could add more but that’s what came to mind at the moment.

I couldn’t bring myself to make my students do work on the last day before spring break. Actually, truth is I was tired and decided we’d have a fun day. So last night I wrecked my brain for a fun activity to do and I decided we’d make Easter Bunnies out of clay and Model Magic. Of course, I gave them the ‘Easter bunnies have nothing to do with Easter’ speech first and then we were off. They did a super job and they look so cute. I got the idea from Madimaginations. She made hers out of fimo instead of clay. When we were done I sealed them with a layer of Modge Podge (awesome craft glue) and the kiddies proudly took their Bunnies home. (Mine is the 3rd one from the left)


  1. Those rabbits are awesome! Seh sei suuuu creative!

  2. Good Luck with your "to do list"..:) sometimes it just seems like a day simply isn't long enough to complete everything we intend to... But then there's always tomorrow, nit? :)
    Luv the rabbits, they're so colorful they look like candy lol :)

  3. I luff those rabbits. especially the ears on the one [second from right]. too cute!

  4. hey, these look good! lol