Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Life

I trust that You will see me through...I will walk on.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Is SOOO On!

Spring break is here!!!!!! I don't know what to expect though. Will I get some sleep in? I’ll probably try, but no matter how much I'd love to get some shut-eye during the day sometimes, for just an hour, sleep manages to elude me. I just can’t get my brain to slow down enough.

I think it's going to be like every other holiday- I'll enjoy at least one or maybe even two days of it and then I'll go crazy without the constant bustle of school and preparation for the next big project. The worst part of it all is breaks are when I actually get time to THINK- and that's scary, really, really scary! :)

To Do:
-Finish embroidering border on my dress
-Plan a Spring theme for school
-Plan a Social Studies Unit (if I'm really ambitious)
-Sew Human Rights Quilt for school

Now I just need encouragement to get all that done. I’m sure could add more but that’s what came to mind at the moment.

I couldn’t bring myself to make my students do work on the last day before spring break. Actually, truth is I was tired and decided we’d have a fun day. So last night I wrecked my brain for a fun activity to do and I decided we’d make Easter Bunnies out of clay and Model Magic. Of course, I gave them the ‘Easter bunnies have nothing to do with Easter’ speech first and then we were off. They did a super job and they look so cute. I got the idea from Madimaginations. She made hers out of fimo instead of clay. When we were done I sealed them with a layer of Modge Podge (awesome craft glue) and the kiddies proudly took their Bunnies home. (Mine is the 3rd one from the left)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

εïз Like a Butterfly εïз

I was working on a demo for an art project yesterday - a Magic Box aka Exploding Box. Sounds dangerous?! It really isn't. :) I saw them on a blog online and decided to attempt them with the boys I have for Art. I get to do creative projects with the boys on days when my sister has her crafting class with the girls. I know I’ll need a lot of patience but I think we can do it! I’m definitely going to do a less complicated and smaller version with the students though. To save myself from headache I’ll probably end up doing the scoring and cutting of the box and leave the decorating to them.

I built a butterfly garden which turned out not nearly as cool as the one I saw online however I still kind of like the results. I might decide to do a Farm or Under the Sea scene for the boys.
Here are some photos of the Magic Exploding Box I created. It took forever but I really enjoyed it.

I included the following quote and with Baptism only a few days away, it reminded me of the whole concept. Emerging from a cocoon, which is our old self, and with faith, hope and strength we are transformed into a new creature. I really like the connotation. I think it’s my favorite part of the whole project.

Like the butterfly
I have the strength and the hope to believe
That in time
I will emerge from my cocoon…

For a simple, easy to follow tutorial visit this blog: Smile Always
It might take her a couple days to get the tutorial ready. I’ll post some of the boys’ projects at a later date when they have completed them. This is a photo of the box my sister made. I think it's pretty neat also.

Monday, March 22, 2010

~♥~Through the Eyes of a Child ~♥~

I added a new 'feature' to my blog. Check out the ~♥~Through the Eyes of a Child ~♥~ link in the right hand column to occasionally catch a glimpse of life through the eyes of my amazingly talented students. :)

Unfortunately, you won’t be able comment if you wish to do so. If you want you can always comment about it on one of my other posts.

I feel like I can’t keep the things they say to myself because at times they just seem to brighten my day no matter how grumpy I want to be. At times, they give me inspiration, and hope. So I want to share them with you and hope that the little things they say will make you laugh, be inspired or whatever it will be.

Be Inspired ♥

Thursday, March 18, 2010

~His Magnum Opus~

Magnum Opus

I’m not even sure I’m correctly pronouncing this word but nonetheless I like the sound of it, in fact I like the definition even more. The first time I laid eyes on it was while I was pondering over an inspiring, soul-lifting composition by one of my favorite authors- Max Lucado. In this beautiful piece of writing he stated, “We are Gods magnum opus.” The explanation for this strange, yet intriguing word is: the "masterpiece" of any given author or artist. No matter how many times I ponder it I still feel unworthy of being called Gods Masterpiece, how about you?

In addition to this wonderful fragment of literature, I also found this quote in Ephesians 2:10. "For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago." Surely, this is something we can strive towards and while some of us, including me, are in the process of baptism we can make it our goal to be His masterpiece as we journey onward. Bear with me, please, as I bring to light the ‘other’ main reason of this update .

I hung the words ‘magnum opus’ on my bulletin board a year or so ago in hopes of seeing it from time to time and gaining inspiration from it but alas the handymen in this house seem to have gone missing and it hasn’t gotten put up yet! So I was reminded of it under the strangest circumstances-during my science class, of all places. Starting a new unit always makes for lots of interesting discussions. If you’ve ever worked with children you know that they want to share their ideas, ALL at once. While we were talking about natural and man made structures and architects one of the students hesitantly asked, “Nuh weh ihsn duh architect vuh uhs?” “Who is the architect of us humans? Then he shyly went on to answer his own question with yet another one, “Ihes duh Himble Vuhtuh?” “Is it God?” To tell you the truth I was amazed and at the same time shocked that a 7 year old would make that connection. I never even considered making that connection but due to the child-like wisdom portrayed by a student I was reminded that He truly is the greatest architect of all. We, humans build museums, skyscrapers, monuments but He created this thriving earth along with all of its inhabitants and all the while making us in His image…His masterpiece. Holding a brush, our Holy Maker lovingly coaxed the canvas to life and painted a picture too beautiful for words. So we bow down, and we worship You Lord and all the while pray for the wisdom and strength to live up to Ephesians 2:10 and to be Your ‘magnum opus’.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to Hand N Hand

Welcome to the blog consisting of the ramblings and ravings of a tired Early Years teacher. I’m not kidding about the tired part but the occupation is worth it. Time and effort that goes into shaping who our children will be one day is time well-spent. Every time I walk into my classroom I stand amazed at the talents and abilities of each student. Some days I have to wonder who the teacher is because the small things a child can teach you are countless. Patience, acceptance, understanding…they’re a constant inspiration.

This blog will consist of ideas, projects, thoughts, and activities that my students participate in, in my classroom. I’ve had a personal blog before, which was neglected after awhile but I’m hoping that I’ll be consistent in updating this one. Since children are a true inspiration and a part of my every day I have no doubt that the motivation to keep this blog going will linger.

I want to share a prayer with you that goes through my mind so often. It hangs on my classroom door and gives me the courage to face each day.

Each time before I face my class,
I hesitate awhile, & ask the Father,
"Help me Lord to understand each child.
Help me to see each student
A precious soul most dear
And may I lead them
Through paths of wonder not of fear.
Dear Father as they look at me
For Christian guidance true
I look to thee & humbly ask
That thou shallt teach me too!"