Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to Hand N Hand

Welcome to the blog consisting of the ramblings and ravings of a tired Early Years teacher. I’m not kidding about the tired part but the occupation is worth it. Time and effort that goes into shaping who our children will be one day is time well-spent. Every time I walk into my classroom I stand amazed at the talents and abilities of each student. Some days I have to wonder who the teacher is because the small things a child can teach you are countless. Patience, acceptance, understanding…they’re a constant inspiration.

This blog will consist of ideas, projects, thoughts, and activities that my students participate in, in my classroom. I’ve had a personal blog before, which was neglected after awhile but I’m hoping that I’ll be consistent in updating this one. Since children are a true inspiration and a part of my every day I have no doubt that the motivation to keep this blog going will linger.

I want to share a prayer with you that goes through my mind so often. It hangs on my classroom door and gives me the courage to face each day.

Each time before I face my class,
I hesitate awhile, & ask the Father,
"Help me Lord to understand each child.
Help me to see each student
A precious soul most dear
And may I lead them
Through paths of wonder not of fear.
Dear Father as they look at me
For Christian guidance true
I look to thee & humbly ask
That thou shallt teach me too!"


  1. Can't wait for more updates! They truly are an inspiration! Awesome prayer...

  2. Liz, this is very interesting! Kinda reminds me a bit of wayyy back when we used to have msn spaces... but i guess this is on a more "practical" level... Wishing you God's greatest strength and blessings everyday as you face your class, and touch their young, blossoming lives. :)