Wednesday, March 24, 2010

εïз Like a Butterfly εïз

I was working on a demo for an art project yesterday - a Magic Box aka Exploding Box. Sounds dangerous?! It really isn't. :) I saw them on a blog online and decided to attempt them with the boys I have for Art. I get to do creative projects with the boys on days when my sister has her crafting class with the girls. I know I’ll need a lot of patience but I think we can do it! I’m definitely going to do a less complicated and smaller version with the students though. To save myself from headache I’ll probably end up doing the scoring and cutting of the box and leave the decorating to them.

I built a butterfly garden which turned out not nearly as cool as the one I saw online however I still kind of like the results. I might decide to do a Farm or Under the Sea scene for the boys.
Here are some photos of the Magic Exploding Box I created. It took forever but I really enjoyed it.

I included the following quote and with Baptism only a few days away, it reminded me of the whole concept. Emerging from a cocoon, which is our old self, and with faith, hope and strength we are transformed into a new creature. I really like the connotation. I think it’s my favorite part of the whole project.

Like the butterfly
I have the strength and the hope to believe
That in time
I will emerge from my cocoon…

For a simple, easy to follow tutorial visit this blog: Smile Always
It might take her a couple days to get the tutorial ready. I’ll post some of the boys’ projects at a later date when they have completed them. This is a photo of the box my sister made. I think it's pretty neat also.


  1. yap it'll take me a few days to a week:) but I totally love how this project is turning out and the main thing is everyone is having fun!:D

  2. hey girl...gleich richtich dah site!! just killed most of my afternoon on takes me back to a great time in my life when i was teaching:)

  3. ur time is wrong tho cause its almost 2 pm here:) just noticed that:P

  4. Good times eh? Thanks for commenting-Ich appreciats sah richtich!:)

    I'll look into changing the time setting... I'm clueless right as to how to fix it now but I'll check.

  5. Hey sis,
    Hubby and me looked at that box in your room when we were there on the baptism and we were sooo impressed with it! He was actually really impressed when I showed it to him! It's beautiful!

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