Saturday, March 12, 2011

~✿~ ❝Weekend project❞ ~✿ ~

  ❃~Me n my sis have this thing for making scrapbooks to preserve memories of our darling when we're blessed with one we enthusiastically set out to make an extravagant book of memories for them to look at when their older... or so their mommies have a place to put their pictures instead of a boring old picture album. BUT....'ahem'...I don't think any of them are finished yet, due to lack of time :(. We probably never even make it to 20 pages, I'm not sure but we do try.  It's the thought that counts and the love that’s poured into the 'few' pages that we do make. So for part of today we put aside our sewing projects and spent some of our weekend making pages for Jaycee Kate and these are the 2 pages I created so far. We decided on a εїзbutterflyεїз just fits.



  1. u did awesome:) love both of these, theyre incredible!
    the colors are great AND PS I do believe Abigail's scrapbook is finished:)

  2. alot of folks don't print out pics anymore, they have everything digital, and it's such a waste......there's nothing like lookin at a good photo album :)