Thursday, May 6, 2010

Always On The Go

I don't really feel like rambling or in other words writing a post and I think one is long over due. The past few weeks have been filled with bustling about trying to use as much time as the day offers us. New projects have been started, we've said good-bye to loved ones, and celebrated birthdays to name only a few things that have occupied the duration of the past couple weeks. To end this post I will post a few pictures of the projects I've been working on after school:

I bought a pattern for these Mary Jane Baby Shoes online and have been trying it out. Love it.

Willow Tree Angel I made for a friend a couple weeks ago:

Latest Digital LO for Kaylees Album:

Latest Digital LO for Abigails Album:

Mothers Day Gifts we made with the kids at school-Flower pots:

Here's one I made:

There you have it...The boring life of a tired


  1. Lol..I'm still amazed at the work of a "tired blgger/teacher/always-on-the-go-girl"...You're doing good hun..thanks for keeping us posted, your slippers look adorable!:)

  2. oOo ich gleich olles!!!!♥ You're so awesomely creative:)

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