Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~♥~ Earth Angels ~♥~

Throughout my life there have been times

I’ve caught a glimpse of Heavens light,

Shining down upon this world of sin

I pause to take a look around,

I see the blessings in my life

Lord, You’ve sent us earth angels.


No, they don’t have wings

But they flutter in and we are,

Never the same again

For they have changed our lives.

Lord, You’ve sent us earth angels.

Family and friends are by my side

Through them you have lifted me,

And showed me just how much You care

As I walk my pace slows down, I stay behind

To glimpse upon Your earth angels.


I see a child cling to Mom and Dad

You’ve given them the gift of life,

When I get to hold them close, I see

The ray of hope I thought was lost

The miracle of life in disguise.


Some do have wings and have already taken flight

Loved but too precious to stay,

And so you called our Angel home

Before we ever held her close,

Baby you’ll live on in our hearts.


Yes, some have wings

They flutter in and we are,

Never the same again

For they have changed our lives

Lord, please hold our Angel close.

I really don't have a whole lot to write these days, not for lack of not trying though. It's just that either I don't have time or I'm ways to tired to write anything that makes sense. But this blog is in need of an update thus the lyrics.

Something I wrote back and January when I became the Auntie of ~Baby Angela~. I don't pretend to be good or claim to be a good writer, just so you know. I just write what comes to mind and as lifes moments bring pain and heartache we still have to take the time to remember the blessings. I guess writing is a way of coping with the 'not so pleasant' moments that life throws our way. It's supposed to be sung to the meoldy of 'Born A Star-by the Waldner Messengers'...with a few altered twists or whatever you want to call it. It was a little difficult to write it to that melody and get it to flow smoothly because the first verse has 6 lines and the others 5. And I don't know if it's a big deal that I used 'I' in the verses and 'we' for the chorus, but it made sense at the time. Now sing it for me and send me a recording..haha.

Written for my friends and in Memory of our baby Angel.


  1. awe, you have some skills there girl!! good job :)

  2. Ich hob goosebumps...This is priceless. And who's taking this to recording studio?

  3. Ich agree miet die Barbabra...about those goosbumbs- same here. It's incredibly beautiful...I love the last verse especially...