Sunday, December 26, 2010

~ * ~Gingerbread Christmas Trees with the Kiddies @ School~ * ~

This year, instead of making the infamous Gingerbread houses we decided to avoid the whining and grumbling that usually occurs when constructing them and we took an easier route...Gingerbread Christmas trees made out of star shaped cookies...whining problem solved!  It was, from my prespective, a lot more fun, because it wasn't as time consuming and difficult to constuct for the children.  I took some photos to share with you...Enjoy. I hope you were all blessed with a joyous Christmas, surrounded by loved ones.

The first step was baking the cookies, which I did with my Early Years students. They did a great job, but unfortunately I didn't think of taking pics.:(

My sister made the paste for us that we used to glue them together and sooooooo the constructing began...

 This was most likely the students favorite part...getting a container of candy to decorate .....& eat :P
 & this is what the finished product looked like.


  1. looks great :)
    i saw a christmas tree made with rice krispie squares the other day...mmm bet that is good! :P

  2. ooohh, looks like fun!