Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Every once in awhile...

So......wadddya say to an update :) There isn't much to write....well there is, but where do I start? I spent most of the day making my class room ready and I'll let you guess what the theme is for this years decorations...Let the guessing begin :-)

Most of my time is currently being consumed by baking for our annual bakesale...To tell you the truth I'm kind of sick of baking and everything that goes along with it. :s We got a few of our 'tomato work' done this week too. I'm actually looking forward to school starting, I think I need a change of scenery. As you can see I'm out of practice with the whole blogging/writing thing so goooodbye. :) Oh, I'll post a pic of my two latest projects:

Baby slipper with a hand embroidered bullion rose:

And a border I hand embroidered on one of my dresses:

Sorry so short but I have to get back into the game slowly. :)


  1. oooh, i love the border on your dress!

    I'd say your classroom theme for this year is...large yellow frogs with motivational phrases, lol.

  2. LOL!!! nope :) well since I'm not getting a whole lot of guesses i'll just come out and say it :0)....

    Monkeys....cuz their cute and fun :)

    the kids will love em. I added plastic ivy and ferns and paper bananas. I'll post a pic one day :)

  3. Heeeey! Ich will ach su!:) I'll send you a dress of mine and you'll perform your magic on it:):):) Srsly, that's cool, I think you need to tell me how you did that:)

  4. I transfered a pattern on to the dress and then embroidered it with a needle and thread :) took about 3 months and more of wokring on and off on it to do the front and i didn't do the back part of the skirt but it still looks pretty good.

    The flowers are made with a satin stitch, the leaves with skeleton stitch and the vines with back-stitch. I'm working on an even prettier one right now :) I'll send you a pic :)

    I could do one for you :P My sis has an embriodery machine that would do it in minutes but I like looking at it and knowing I did it by hand... :P

    Come n i'll give u lessons :P haha

  5. hayyy Liz:) schu long nit doh gvist dich vistn:) Great update as always:) Love ur class room theme...Awesome working atmosphere:) WHen the kids r happy the teachers are happy:) Oh unt ich vihl ach eh suehe klahd alright?:) awesome:) keep smiling:)

  6. wow ur even better then i thought n that's beyond great!:) better have it on next time i come see u :)